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Sunday With Jerry 10.22.06

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Always Room For Jello

Jello Biafra ranks as the first musician ever to be put on trial because of the content of a record album. The Frankenchrist album he released with his old group the Dead Kennedys contained in its original release a reproduction of a painting by Swiss artist H.R. Giger (known best for winning the Academy Award for the 1979 film Alien.) It was because of this painting that the L.A. City Attorney filed a charge of "Distribution of Harmful Matter" against Biafra and several others. During the trial however, the DA spent a great deal of time analyzing the career and lyrics of Biafra in an attempt to incriminate him on subjects other than the painting in attempts to set legal precedence. Fortunately, the jury was deadlocked 7:5 in favor of acquittal and the judge dismissed the case in lieu of granting a re-trial. The fact remains, however, that this trial took over a year out of Biafra's life and ended up costing over $100K in legal bills despite the fact that the penalty was a $2000 fine and no more than a year served. The full story of this trial and the tactics used by the legal forces behind it may be heard on Biafra's High Priest of Harmful Matter album. (J Dorsey Thrush)

Tales From The Trial, High Priest Of Harmful Manner.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing

"I'm a rompin', stompin', piano playing son of a bitch. A mean son of a bitch.
But a great son of a bitch"
....Jerry Lee Lewis, Time magazine, 3/14/1983

Jerry Lee Lewis, the Killer, is my Dad's music. Not to say that you have to be old to like Jerry Lee, but my Dad claimed it as his music when I was a little kid. I remember him telling me that this was what he listened to with his brothers as a kid on some distant AM radio station. In fact, if it was released during the 1950's it was my Dad's music. To this day if you mention an artist from that decade he owned the record or saw them perform live. It was his music. I swear my dad got around for a kid who grew up in Hibbing, MN.
Today, I received a package from my dear old Dad. Inside was the new Jerry Lee Lewis CD, "Last Man Standing". I had to chuckle as I flipped it over to read the track listing. Let me give you a little backstory. When I was growing up my dad had a crazy record collection. He had tons of 45's. One of them was an original print of "Great Balls of Fire". He used this as the morning battle cry to wake my brother and I up. Forget an alarm clock like conventional parents, Dad would crank the family stereo up and drop the needle on this one record. This went on for about ten years until the record finally scratched, and Dad switched to tapes. So with my baby due in January my Dad attached a nice little note, "Down the line when your daughter won't get up, put on a little Jerry Lee!"
Last Man Standing is a duet album with rock and roll royalty. Twenty-one tracks that touch upon all walks of the rock spectrum. I can definitely say this will be one of my new favorite drinking records!
"Just point me to the piano and give me my money. In fifteen minutes I'll have 'em SHAKIN', SHOUTIN', SHIVERIN', and SHACKIN'" ...Jerry Lee Lewis
Rock And Roll featuring Jimmy Page.
I Saw Her Standing There featuring Little Richard
Before The Night Is Over featuring B.B. King

Rolling Stone Interview: The Killer Reloaded

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Spookshow International 2.13.06

For about a year Rob Zombie hosted his own radio show on L.A.'s Indie 103.1. The basis of the show was for Rob to play music from his own vinyl collection. Usually he played an eclectic mix of '60s, '70s and '80s bands. A lot of mindless banter between Sheri and him kept the show entertaining. We will work are way backwards if anyone is interested in these shows.
The end is the beginning with the last Spookshow broadcast. Best to download this when you have nothing else to do as the file is a massive 119mb. The show is two hours and is unedited. The first ten minutes are of Jonesy's Jukebox.
Spookshow International 2.13.06

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bridge School Benefit

In 1986 Neil Young founded the event, which raises funds for the Bridge School for children with severe physical disabilities. Each year a collection of who's who gathers in Northern California to perform.
The 20th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert will be held on Saturday, October 21st at 4 pm and Sunday, October 22nd at 2 pm at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Alison, by Elvis Costello (1990)
Heroes, by David Bowie (1996)
Nothingman, by Pearl Jam (1996)
Battle Of Evermore, by Lovemongers (1993)
Friend Of The Devil, by Ministry (1994)

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Sunday with Jerry 10.15.06

I Saw Her Standing There
Dear Prudence

Celebrating what would have been John Lennon's 66th birthday last week, October 9th.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


This morning I needed something a lot stronger than coffee to get me going. I set out to rake leaves and cut the grass. My soundtrack for the day would be fueled by the thundering sounds of Ministry's lastest release, Rio Grande Blood. Within seconds the music grips you tightly, shakes you around and doesn't let go until the last note. It's hard to believe that these guys have been doing this locomotive style of music for over twenty-five years.
"We live in a culture that celebrates the mundane and the ordinary, as if tying one's shoes were an act of epic proportions deserving of a reward. The truth is that the world has gotten much more dangerous. As a result, art needs to follow suit. The music scene needs Ministry now more than ever." - Al Jourgensen

"If you’re not too familiar with Ministry’s musical legacy, suffice to say that they lead the burgeoning Wax Trax! pack of bands with an ultra-aggressive metal-meets-electronic assault, and they did so long before the mid-‘90s industrial boom. Before Nine Inch Nails hit it big and went from being a damned excellent and subversive act to kicking off a barrage of lame trends, Ministry was making teeth rattle." - Matthew Stern
Ministry began their career putting out electronic dance singles in the early eighties on Chicago's Wax Trax Label. The band would combine their love for British post-punk with a deafening white noise to create a highly innovative and influential sound that is still popular in mixes today. Ministry's The Land of Rape and Honey would bring mainstream to the Industrial sound. "With lethal guitars, distorted vocals and a rhythm track that seems to have been fired from an AK-47, "Stigmata," Rape's introductory cut, provided a blueprint that Trent Reznor and many others would refer to time annd time again."
"“Industrial music is a label the industry placed on Ministry. It’s the genre we’re lumped into. It wasn’t my idea. Music is music to me. There are two kinds-good and shit. Hopefully Ministry is in the good category." - Al Jourgensen

Stigmata, from The Land Of Rape And Honey
Jesus Built My Hotrod (Update Mix), from Rantology
Psalm 69 (Live), from Sphinctour
Rio Grande Blood, from Rio Grande Blood

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Green Day - Woodstock '94

Woodstock '94
Saugeries, NY

Welcome To Paradise
One Of My Lies
Basket Case
When I Come Around
Paper Lanterns

"Woodstock was about the closest thing to anarchy I've ever seen in my whole life, and I didn't like it." - Billie Joe

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Tenacious D - Great American Music Hall

Great American Music Hall 3.3.00

Land Of The Lost
Fat Albert - Warning
Jesus Ranch
Butt Cheeks - Tenacious D Time
JB Says
Kyle Quit - Song Of Exultant Joy
Family Reunion
Special Thing
Cosmic Shame
Ballad Of Dio
Inward Breathing
The Road
Fuck Her Gently
Rock Your Socks Off
Sex Supreme
Five Needs
City Hall

Great American Music Hall . ZIP

Sunday With Jerry (10.8.06)

Sittin' Here In Limbo Been All Around This World
Positively 4th Street Live At The Keystone, Vol. 1
House Of The Rising Sun The Pizza Tapes

"You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do." - J. Garcia

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Music For A Darkened Theater

October, my favorite month of the year. For me October has always been about scary movies and Elfman. For the next couple posts I'll be focusing on the wonderful world of the darker Elfman film score.

"After having contributed music to over 100 film and television projects it's easy to forget that Danny Elfman was once the manic, fiery orange haired frontman for Los Angeles based over-the-top, eclectic pop combo Oingo Boingo. For those concerned with timelines, Elfman gradually began trading in his former lifestyle as a wild and rambunctious post modern punk when around 1985 when he was commissioned by friend Tim Burton to score Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Granted it would be another 10 years before he fully retired from the Boingo recording and touring maelstrom, but still to this day Elfman is perhaps the most famous pop musician to make the switch from the sweat soaked live stage to the austerity of the home studio and soundstage. Funny thing though, most folks haven't a clue about Elfman's past. "Most places I go people will say 'You were in a band? What was the name of the band?' I'll go 'Oingo Boingo' to which they'll give me kind of a blank stare and go 'Oh…heh-heh-heh, that's amusing.'" -by Spence D. IGN Filmforce, 10.06.2005

"Film composition is a unique art with unique requirements. It is not the same as writing a symphony-- something I've never professed to be able to do. Film music is written for no other reason than to accentuate the images on the screen, to underline the emotions of the characters, and hopefully, when we're lucky, to help breathe life into a two-dimensional medium. A film score is not 'pure music,' and should be judged on its dramatic, emotional, and/or visually enhancing merits."

"My education in film music came from watching tons of films," said Elfman (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2005.10.05)
Nightbreed 1990(IMDB)

Main Titles
Uh Oh...Decker
End Credits

Excerpts From:

Tales From The Crypt (IMDB)
Batman (IMDB)
Darkman (IMDB)

The Elfman Zone

Killing Is My Business, Business Is Good!

Rob Zombie Underground on Turner Classic Movies channel beginning October 13th. Rob Zombie is going to be hosting an Underground film show on TCM. "TCM UNDERGROUND will serve as home to some of the truly visionary cult films that have been made over the past century, from stylish horror movies to offbeat black comedies," said Tom Karsch, executive vice president and general manager for TCM.

October Challenge, I'm going to watch 31 horror/ sci-fi movies during the month. Please leave me a comment on your favorite scary movies and I'll ad them to my list.

Obligatory Movie MP3
The Exorcist (Tubular Bells)

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