Thursday, March 17, 2005

Better Live Than Dead Tour!

I finaly sobered up enough from monday nights Motley Crue concert to put down some notes. It had been sixteen years since I last saw the Crue and again it was fantastic. The show was vintage Motley. Rock, Pyro & Tits!
Six of us were able to secure the Hubbard Broadcasting suite at the Target Center. I was comfortably numb before even getting to the arena. T.A and B.W showed late and had to lubricate on the drive from work. Massive amounts of alcohol were consumed and of course the car guys were the last to leave the suite. This is when the funniest part of the evening occured. T.A, who is a sloppy, funny drunk, starts trying to imitate "Diamond" David Lee Roth by jumping around the suite and doing the famous Roth jump and splits. Now, this sucker has been doing shots of Jack and probably a six pack in the hour and half he was there on an empty stomach. During one of his jump/ splits he manages to firmly plant his foot into a bowl of dip resting on the coffee table. $350 suede Allen Edmond shoes covered in veggie dip. T.A. spins around knocking over the three tier tower holding the chips, pretzels and cookies. Food goes flying everywhere. Five of us are doubled over in a fit of laughter. One lone drunk spinning around trying to find a sense of balance. Then a loud crash. T.A. has fallen over backwards onto the wooden coffee table. Two legs break instantly sending him to the floor. M, T.A's girlfriend, grabs him and quickly ushers him off. Tears are streaming down my face at this point. While we are putting on our jackets a suite attendant arrives and asesses the damage.
"How the hell did you break the table?"
"Small accident involving Mr. Daniels."
"What group are you with?"
Without even missing a beat J.K claims, "The Denny Hecker Automotive Group." (Hecker is a competitor of ours!)
We split!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


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A great shot from our seats @ Lambeau. The Packer fans gave us shit at first but we all ended up drinking together and having a ball. Good times!