Monday, March 12, 2007


GrindermanGrinderman: As I write this, I am sitting in a plane, 51 minutes into a journey from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles and I am trying to get all these notes written up in time for this broadcast two days from now. I was in Red Eye records hours ago, and heard on the store’s system what I guessed was the new Nick Cave fronted band, Grinderman. I inquired and was correct. The album came out a couple of days before so I was in luck that they had some. Many hours later: Back in LA and have only checked out a couple of songs from the album due to other work I had to do and exhaustion. I picked the title cut because I liked the way it sounded about 27 hours ago when I was in Sydney. Grinderman is Nick Cave, Warren Ellis who is also a Bad Seed and Dirty Three member, Martyn Casey was a Triffid and is also a Bad Seed as well and Jim Sclavunos who has been in so many bands, when I saw him in the Bad Seeds awhile ago, somehow I wasn’t surprised. He has turned up in many musical projects of all kinds from work with Lydia Lunch to The Cramps. At the time of this writing, I don’t know what Nick intends to do with the band, how many shows, albums, etc. I can’t see him ditching the Bad Seeds for this thing, seeing how great the last album was. Perhaps it’s a resting phase or a way to blow off some minimalist steam. As always, we will pay Fanatical attention to this band. -Henry Rollins
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