Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blood Into Wine

Blood Into Wine follows two guys and their pursuit to make great wine in the Arizona High Desert. What makes this such an interesting venture is that one of them is Maynard James Keenan, frontman for TOOL, A Perfect Circle & Puscifer. Keenan has cultivated an air of mystery about himself and his career by in his words, "...not giving away the whole farm."  Well, he doesn't give away the farm but a lot of the vineyard as he shatters some of the mystique and lets you spend one season with him from planting to processing.  Not a documentary about wine from a wine snobs point of view, Eric Glomski, Keenan's wine mentor, spends ample time explaining the different nuances of wine and all the labor that goes into making it. The movie shares insight into wine and the creative process of Keenan. Interviews with Keenan give a glimpse into his self discovery and ultimately his self fulfillment , "I'm not out here Shouting at the Devil, not Barking at the Moon, we're just digging in the dirt."  Highly Recommended.  

"Sour Grapes" (Where's My Line? Mix) —(Previously unreleased)

"The Humbling River" (Nagual del Judith Mix) —(Previously unreleased)

"Sour Grapes" (Legend of the Mix) —(Previously unreleased)

"The Humbling River" (Duet Mix) —(Previously unreleased)

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