Monday, January 17, 2011

The Making Of Slap Shot: Behind The Scenes Of The Greatest Hockey Movie Ever Made

What kind of guy reads a book about the making of a movie? The one that can not get enough of a good thing. I first fell in love with Slap Shot in 1980 when it was broadcast on Network T.V. I was eight years old when my dad called me into the family room to watch it one night. Now the version I first saw was a heavily edited one but I was hooked from the first scene. It was one of those movies that a father and son could bond over, share in the good "Old Time Hockey." When the Hanson Brothers hit the screen I new instantly that this was the greatest thing since Star Wars. I howled in laughter for two hours. That started my thirty year fascination with Slap Shot.

"The Making of Slap Shot" is great fun because it truly puts you in the center of the Slap Shot world. Great insider information from the Screenwriter, Director, Actors & everybody involved with making the movie. Detailed information about the state of minor league hockey and its players are well documented here. The only draw back is that Paul Newman and the Hanson Brothers did not participate. Newman had passed away during the writing of the book and his insight is culled from previous interviews. If your looking for Hanson Brother insight it is best to read Dave Hanson's Book, "Slap Shot Original" Highly Recommended for fans of the Funniest Sports Movie Ever!
Google Books preview here, The Making of Slap Shot: Behind The Scenes of The Greatest Hockey Movie Ever Made 2/52

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