Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Electro-Shock Blues Show

One night in December of 1998, in the midst of a tour as support act for the band Pulp, the eels found themselves fighting for their lives on the stage of some English ice rink or convention hall. It's unknown what town they are actually playing in on this recording since the tape box has been labeled with the names of three towns, and no one in the band even remembers the 1900s.
But no matter. It rocks all the same. Step into this rock and/or roll time machine and be there for the entire set. Check out an early version of "Souljacker Part I," when Sally was a young Mary, some three years before the release of the Souljacker album. Laugh as members of the audience berate and belittle our heroes. At least that guy screaming "Novocaine!!!" isn't shouting "Judas!"

Cancer For The Cure
Fingertips Part III
Going To Your Funeral Part I
Efil's God
Souljacker Part I
My Beloved Monster
Novocaine For The Soul
Not Ready Yet
Last Stop: This Town
Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

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