Thursday, December 21, 2006

"...your coffin or mine?"

There is something sinister to say about listening to Alkaline Trio's, “Good Mourning”, during the holiday season. While walking through the local grocery store the other day I was caught a couple times by an older lady singing along with, "This Could Be Love".
Step one -- slit my throat
Step two -- play in my blood
Step three -- cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing out of the house
Step four -- stop off at Edgebrook Creek and rinse your crimson hands
You took me hostage and made your demands
I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers, one by one

“Good Mourning” by all means is one of the catchiest sing along albums I own. The macabre has never sounded this much fun. If your into something a little darker give “Good Mourning” a listen.
This Could Be Love, Good Mourning (2003)


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