Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The White Buffalo E.P

Last Friday I went to see Ziggy Marley in concert. The opening act was an amazing guy from Oregon, The White Buffalo (a.k.a Jake Smith). When he walked on stage with an acoustic guitar and two cans of beer I immediately thought he was a guitar tech. Once plugged in the next forty-five minutes were a set of heartfelt songs carried by a voice not regulary associated with a man of his stature.
Always one to have a unique way of looking at and processing the world around him, his lyrics showcase his perceptive observations and his interest in human situations. (ascap.com)
If there is one thing you ever blind download from this site this is the one.
Love Song #1
10 'til 2
The Matador
Purchase the The White Buffalo E.P

“I wanted to keep it organic, keep it raw,” he explains of the sound. It is. It’s sparse and essentially one voice, one guitar, letting the music infect you and the lyrics sink deep. “I really like words,” he says. And you can tell. He ploys with them with intelligence and creativity and core. Some of these songs come from life; some from a darker place again. And some just arrive. “A lot of it comes from nowhere,” he says. “a kind of gibberish that turns into something.”


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