Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's What You Should Do

Some of you might know our vocalist today by his previous band Gameface. Jeff Caudill was the lead singer/ songwriter for one of Orange Counties most cherished bands of the '90's. I'm totally biased about Jeff's talents as he is a good friend of mine. Twenty odd years ago we met in high school. At lunch time his band, No Such Thing, played in the quad. They put out a seven inch record that sold at the local Peer Records. A few years later Jeff was fronting Gameface with another one of my high school friends brothers, Todd Trout. Long story short, I worked with Gameface when they were on Dr. Strange Records and later Revelation Records. I had some great times with the band. A few years ago Gameface dissolved and Jeff struck out on a solo career. Joining forces with Robbie Rist,Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch, Jeff released his first official solo record on his own label, Fortunate Son. He still sounds great. Buy his swag at

Worn Out Welcome
Stop Writing Songs
Crazy People Do


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