Monday, November 20, 2006

Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns

Over the weekend I watched the wonderful documentary on They Might Be Giants, Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns. The film chonicled the journey the TMBG endured over their twenty plus year career. Lots of behind the scene stuff, rehearsals, late night television visits, in studio and live perfomances. Highly recommended.
I'll be the first to admit that when They Might Be Giants first appeared on my radar I didn't get them. During the '80's I was a die hard metal fan. A guy playing poppy weird songs with an accordian just didn't fit my musical stylings. I passed them off as novelty song jokesters to fade away. They didn't and I ended up marrying a gal who could receit their album Flood forwards and backwards. Over the last nine years she has converted me to a TMBG fan. Their songs are intriguing, clever and don't disappoint.

Birdhouse In Your Soul
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Man It's So Loud In Here
Particle Man


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