Thursday, November 02, 2006


A couple of bands I have been listening a lot to lately are The Ruts and The Slits.

"Babylon's Burning" a (lamentably obscure) punky reggae classic, comparable to early Clash and angrier Specials songs, and it's full of great elements that function well on their own: a sinister riff-chugging intro, the late Malcolm Owen's Strummerlicious vocals, spine-tingling gang backing vocals and a wonderful ascending guitar figure that anticipates all the best things about post-punk. -- George Zahora
Babylon's Burning
Blackman's Pinch (AKA Let's Give Youth A Chance)
In A Rut

"They (The Slits) were loud brash bold and unrepentant.. they never compromised their image or stance...they must have inspired loads of women to pick up a guitar and form a band....they were pure punk driven by female power...they shocked a lot of people, both on and of stage. They were dangerous, and their very presence threatened those that considered rock to be a male-only pursuit." Mark Perry, 'And God Created Punk'
Typical Girls
Instant Hit
I Heard It Through The Grapevine


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