Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sliver (1993)

"Horror High-Rise." Sharon Stone gets her knickers in a twist in high places; boyfriend William Baldwin likes to watch. Would-be erotic thriller scripted by Basic Instinct writer Joe Eszterhas.(channel 4.UK)

Lately, I've found that really late at night they play some awesomely bad movies. This is one of my guilty pleasure flicks. When I get up to feed my daughter I scan the movie channels to see what is on. The other night Sliver had just started. I watched it until the end.

UB40 Can't Help Falling In Love
Enigma Carly's Song
Fluke Slid
Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy
Lords Of Acid The Most Wonderful Girl
Shaggy Oh Carolina
Neneh Cherry More With Me
Aftershock Slave To The Vibe
Heaven 17 Penthouse And Pavement
The Young Gods Skinflowers
The Verve Star Sail
Bigod 20 Wild At Heart
Enigma Carly's Loneliness

Sliver Soundtrack .ZIP
Moviepooper.com synopsis on Sliver
Sliver dirty parts video

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