Thursday, September 28, 2006

Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds

"Izzy Stradlin, one of Guns N' Roses main songwriters, walked away from the group in the middle of a video shoot at the peak of the band's career back in 1991. Fed up with the drug-addled Hollywood scene, the music business and the chaos known as Guns N' Roses, the guitarist headed home to the quiet obscurity of Indiana.
A year later, he somewhat half-heartedly launched a solo career, releasing the Izzy Stradlin and the JuJu Hounds album in 1992 and touring to support the CD. However, reportedly angered by the media's insistence on asking GN'R-related questions, Stradlin also walked away from his press and promotion commitments, and the record quickly dropped off the musical map, prompting flat sales and strained relations." - SAIDMAN

Rolling Stone called it "a ragged, blues-drenched and thoroughly winning solo debut" (Oct. 10, 1992).
Give me a voice that has been drenched in whisky and cigarettes and I'll listen all day. One of my favorite drinking albums of all time. A rootsy mix of blues, rock, punk and reggae. The band has often been compared to Keith Richards on his solo recordings.
Somebody Knockin'
Pressure Drop
Time Gone By
Shuffle It All
How Will It Go


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