Monday, September 25, 2006

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics

I LOVE this band! When Mike Ness rolled into town on his first solo tour Deke and the Ecco-Fonics were the opening act. I'd never seen or heard them before but was instanly won over.
Deke Dickerson is one of Americana's best-kept secrets. A guitar slinger who plays; rockabilly, hillbilly boogie, jump blues, swing, ballads and good old-fashioned rock & roll. Raised on 50's rock and roll in Missouri, Deke is leading the charge in the roots rock scene.
Perhaps the most attractive element of Dickerson's rock 'n' roll crusade is that he doesn't feel the need to "justify" that which is already great to begin with by dressing it up with overproduction, "relevant" lyrics" or unnecessary "guest" artists. Instead, an unwavering dedication to his craft finds him blazing trails with the most straightforward of recording concepts, timeless song writing and the occasionally fitting contribution by guest artists whose real contributions to the founding of rock 'n' roll out weigh their name recognition.
Mexicali Rose
Nightmare Of A Woman (w/ Billy Zoom)
Long Time In The Ground
I Gave My Heart Before
Rockin' Gypsy (Instrumental) Dickerson concentrates his effort on the mandolin-like portion of his double-neck guitar. Dickerson and the band really cut loose and allow the music to take over without burdening them with vocals. In effect, the guitars become the lead singers - and it's a pleasant exchange.(Thelen)


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