Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Artie Lange vs. Andrew "Dice" Clay on The Howard Stern Show 4/18/06


Setup from the 7-17-06 HS show: Artie brought up how he performed some standup gigs with Andrew Dice Clay during the vacation, but added he earned only $5,000 for his time, a total he still hadn’t gotten from Dice. Artie then commented he figured he would’ve made closer to $10,000 for the 20-minute sets he did with Dice, who he said was the one responsible for giving him the money. Artie next mentioned he made “a lot of money” at the stand-up shows he did over the break by himself in Pittsburgh, but admitted he was “seething mad” because he hadn’t gotten the money he earned from Dice even though it’d been 10 days since the shows they did together. This is the mp3 of Artie going after "Dice" the next day on the phone. Where's the $5,000? (Ez Archive)
pt. 1/ pt. 2/ pt.3/ pt.4/ pt. 5/ pt. 6


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