Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reo Speedwagon @ The Myth

Went and saw REO Speedwagon last night at the Myth. I scored a couple free tickets from my advertising agency, so thought what the hell. I know only about five REO songs but they have been playing on the radio for over thirty years. The show was really good. They packed a stadium style show into a 4500 seat club. I was suprised how many popular songs they actually had. I got to thinking about when I first remember hearing the REO sound. This was one of the bands that peppered the playlist at WLUP-FM 97.9 "The Loop" radio in Chicago.
Every summer we got passes to the 75th Street Pool in Bolingbrook, IL from 1980 - 85. We swam all day and the older kids would bring their large ass '80's ghetto boxes to the pool. "The Loop" was what played all day.
Funny how a song can take you back twenty-something years! I haven't thought about the 75th Street Pool in god knows how long. A lot of fun summers were held there.
Roll With The Changes
Ridin' The Storm Out


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