Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wild Afternoon.

Another Wild game. Steph and I hooked up this afternoon to spend some quality time together. Who knew that I would have to make dates with my wife just to see her. Work has her seven days a week twelve hours a day. Can't wait for tax season to be over. Wild played the dreaded Detroit Redwings. This was awesome since Steph really hates Brendan Shanahan from the Wings. She started hating him years ago during the playoffs and now she can't get enough hate time with him. During the period brakes they posted on the big screen for people to Text Message comments that would scrall under the highlights videos. Steph being just a little punchy started texting, "F. Shanahan", "Eff Shanahan" Our little inside joke made it onto the screen and quite a few fans found it hilarious! Wild lost 3-2.


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