Sunday, March 26, 2006

The +1 Weekend

The goal for the weekend was to not be at the house. Steph and I have both been couped up at work and unable to do anything really fun together. I managed to get on a couple of guest lists for the weekend.

Friday Night - Cheap Trick at the all new Myth Nightclub.
One of my all time favorite bands did not disappoint. They sounded awesome. I was able to get us some VIP tickets right up by the stage. My ears were still ringing sunday morning. The Myth Nightclub is only fifteen miles from my house. The club rocked.

Saturday - Minnesota Comedy Club
Steph's friends from High School invited us out to dinner and a comedy show. I blew off dinner but did hook up with them later at the comedy club. Funny stuff. I bolted after the show. Steph continued to play catch up.

Sunday - Timberwolves vs. Knicks
Steph had to work so my advertising rep, Katie, made me her +1 for the T-Wolves game. I don't really care about basketball but we had the suite. I watched maybe the first quarter and then it was off to the races on how much we could eat and drink for free. Wolves won. Derek - 3 Brats, 8 beers. Katie - 2 Brats, 6 Beers.